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It’s “Team Member Thursday”, and this week we are introducing Nick Porter who recently joined LMP as a member of its Fertilization and Pest Control division. We caught up with Nick to learn a little about his journey in the green industry:

How long have you been in the green industry? I began my career over 7 years ago.  In the beginning, I thought of landscaping as a job. However, once I realized how much there is to learn about maintenance and all of its components I began to think of it as a career where I could continue to grow and learn.

What do you like about the green industry? That is an opportunity to be a steward of the environment, and that an individual can have a role in helping plant materials grow and thrive.

What designations or certifications have you obtained? I am Best Management Practices (BMP) certified, and I have a Commercial Fertilizer Applicator license.

What interesting hobbies do you have? I enjoy spending time with my family, and when I am not doing that I can be found playing video games.

What is your mantra or catch phrase? Why? “Family first”! Our families are the people whom are there throughout our lives, and it should be a privilege to take action and make decisions based on what would benefit the family as a whole. It means being engaged, supportive, involved, and present.

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