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May Celebrations

We are excited to be celebrating so many anniversaries this month!  Join us in congratulating these team members for their service; it is their dedication that drives our success!

Deigo Francisco-Nicholas May 1st Dover 4 years
Willy Thiena May 1st Ft. Lauderdale 2 years
Scott Ryman May 5th Jacksonville 1 year
Deon Bennet May 7th Orlando 1 year
Jamie Vargas May 7th Corporate 1 year
Chris Nelson May 9th Orlando 3 years
Ledarin Ragins May 10th Dover 4 years
Luis Lopez-Sierra May 13th Pasco 1 year
David Ditinno May 14th Dover 1 year
Greg Hawkings May 15th Jacksonville 1 year
Victor Libonatti May 16th Pasco 3 years
Juan Matos Vazquez May 20th Pasco 1 years
William McLaughlin May 21st Pasco 1 year
Mervin Perez-Delgado May 22nd Dover 1 year
Deidra Calloway May 23rd Pasco 3 years
Mateo Nicolas May 24th Ft. Lauderdale 9 years
Antonio Rufin May 24th Ft. Lauderdale 6 years
Colbert Morataya May 28th Dover 1 year
Ricardo Burgos-Sepulveda May 30th Pasco 2 years
Louis Jones May 31st Ft. Lauderdale 4 years