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Acacia farnesiana – Sweet Acacia

The Sweet Acacia, often overlooked in softscapes as a result of the sharp thorns it grows, is a semi-evergreen that produces yellow, puffy flowers between late winter and early spring.  Reaching heights between 15 and 20 feet, the Sweet Acacia is highly drought tolerant.  It prefers full sun exposure, and has a tolerance for a variety of soil compositions including clay, sand, loam, acidic and alkaline.  

Free of any serious pest and disease concerns, the Sweet Acacia is referred to as a “Wattles” in its native homeland of Australia, and has been given other names over the years including Opopanax and Cassie.  This beautiful plant attracts not only deer and butterflies but humans as well – the flowers are used in southern Europe as a perfume ingredient.



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