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It’s “Team Member Thursday”! This week we are introducing David Manfrin who joined LMP in 2009, and has been providing vital irrigation services to clients on a daily basis. We caught up with David to learn a little about his journey in the green industry:

How long have you been in the green industry? I began my career in irrigation over 18 years ago, and am very proud to have spent the past 11 years with LMP.  My entry into the green industry and irrigation can be attributed to a conversation with my brother who was working as an irrigation specialist.  I found myself between opportunities after having worked in retail and the food service industry for a couple of well-known brands.  I was frustrated by the lack of advancement and opportunities to be challenged…I wanted to learn and grow.  I stepped out of the comfort zone of what I knew to challenge myself to learn about irrigation systems and haven’t looked back.

What do you like about the green industry? It’s like a puzzle that can only be solved by team work and collaboration.  Each team – maintenance, fertilization and pest control, and irrigation has a piece that, when joined together, creates a stunning landscape.  From an irrigation perspective, I enjoy the challenge of investigating why a system isn’t working, but even more I like being able to install a system and watch the final product work.

What designations or certifications have you obtained? I am Best Management Practices (BMP) certified, and have obtained certifications related to irrigation through Hunter.  Rainbird has several irrigation programs that I will be participating in as we move into the winter.

What interesting hobbies do you have? I like to spend my spare time relaxing.  That could involve working on projects around the house, watching a great movie, or even playing a video game or two.

What is your mantra or catch phrase? Why? “FEAR – Face Everything and Rise”.  This phrase reflects that we all have challenges in our personal and professional lives, and, at times, it can seem overwhelming or frightening.  But, if we change our approach, and view these challenges as an opportunity to grow we can rise rather than fall.

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