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It’s “Team Member Thursday” and this week we are introducing Ledarin Ragins, who is fondly referred to as “Batman”.  Ledarin (Batman) is an integral member of the Dover team, and has proven himself to be talented and humorous throughout the 8 years he has been with LMP.  We caught up with Ledarin to learn a little about his journey in the green industry:

How long have you been in the green industry? I’ve been working professionally in landscaping for the past nine years, however; it was my dad who introduced me to the industry informally.  He wanted me to learn responsibility when I was younger so he taught me how to mow turf correctly to allow me to earn some money.

What do you like about the green industry? At LMP, I have the opportunity to learn many things as I work in the nursery caring for the plant materials and I also get to work in the field performing maintenance services as well as installing new plant materials.  I find that I enjoy learning new landscape designs…there is an abundance of plant materials and patterns that can be used to make a property pop.  To help protect those installations I take part in, I obtained my Pesticide Applicator license.

What interesting hobbies do you have? I like to spend time with my family and friends – especially my grandson and nephew who are a great deal of fun to play with.  I also like to spend time cooking and creating interesting planting arrangements.

What is your mantra or catch phrase? Why? “You snooze, you lose”.  Life offers us so many opportunities to grow and learn so we should take advantage of them.  Hesitating, for whatever reason, is to refuse a gift.

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