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It’s “Team Member Thursday”, and this week we are introducing Mike Davidson who joined LMP in 2017. We caught up with Mike to learn a little about his journey in the green industry:

How long have you been in the green industry? I began my career over 30 years ago.  I began by mowing lawns as a teenager, and just enjoyed learning about all of the different aspects of landscaping that I stick with it.

What do you like about the green industry? Like most people in the green industry I appreciate having the opportunity to work outdoors, however, I enjoy the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to bring beauty to properties.  It’s like having an outdoor canvas where people can see and enjoy your art. 

What designations or certifications have you obtained? I am in the process of obtaining a pesticide operator license – I would like to become a Certified Pest Control Operator (CPCO).

What interesting hobbies do you have? I like to spend my spare time engaged in metal fabrication; there are so many interesting things you can do with the materials.

What is your mantra or catch phrase? Why? “Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see”.  This phrase sticks with me because I make a concerted effort to speak the truth, and, in turn, that pushes me to seek the truth of and in the world as well.

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