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Robert “Bob” Tabone of LMP’s Pasco branch

It’s “Team Member Thursday”, and this week we are introducing Robert “Bob” Tabone who joined LMP four years ago. We caught up with Bob to learn a little about his journey in the green industry:

How long have you been in the green industry? I began my career over 30 years ago.  In the beginning, I was simply looking for a means to earn money, but then I fell in love with learning about the types of pests and diseases that can harm the landscape and the manual and chemical controls that can be used to mitigate and prevent that damage.

What do you like about the green industry? Like most people in the green industry I appreciate having the opportunity to work outdoors, however, I enjoy the ever-changing challenges each season and even every day. 

What designations or certifications have you obtained? I am a Certified Pest Control Operator (CPCO).

What interesting hobbies do you have? I enjoy gardening and watching plants grow whether it is annuals, trees, or vegetables.

What is your mantra or catch phrase? Why? “Move forward”! Regardless of what happens to us in life we should always make an effort to learn and move forward.  Not only, in my opinion, does it make life easier to manage, but also it means you are not allowing yourself to waste precious time by dwelling on the past.

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