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Seeking a little magic? It can be easily found and repeatedly witnessed should you have the Brunfelsia grandiflora incorporated in your landscape. Commonly referred to as “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow”, the Brunfelsia grandiflora is an evergreen shrub (or small tree) that received its moniker from its petal’s fascinating metamorphosis from dark purple to lavender to white in less than a week. A member of the Solanceae, or nightshade family, the Brunfelsia encompasses over 150 species, and is named after the German physician, botanist, and theologist Otto Brunfels considered to be one of the fathers of botany.

Growing to heights of 8 to 10 feet with a spread between 5 to 8 feet, the Brunfelsia grandiflora responds to partial sun and shade. Drought tolerant once established, the Brunfelsia grandiflora can acclimate to various soil types including slightly alkaline, sand, loam, and clay. Incredibly fragrant – particularly at night, the Brunfelsia grandiflora is closely related to the petunia. Native to South America, the Brunfelsia grandiflora is often used for medicinal purposes in the western Amazon with the roots and bark being brewed as a means for reducing fever (Troxell, 2020). Referred to as Manacá in Brazil, it is said to have derived its name from Tupi Indians who named it after the most beautiful girl in their tribe, Manacán, for its lovely flowers (Taylor, 2005).

If you are looking to introduce visual interest and fragrance into your landscape, consider planting a few Brunfelsia grandiflora or contact LMP at (877) LMP-PRO1 for recommendations on other flowering shrubs and trees that would do well on your property.


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