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Planning is the Best Preparation – Safeguard Your Property from Landscape Hazards.

As we have had our first storm of the season in Florida, Isaias causes us to reflect on all the things we’d rather think about tomorrow or maybe the day after- namely prepping properties for storms. When individuals think of prepping as it relates to landscaping, the immediate thought is to prune the trees. However, tree and palm pruning should have occurred prior to the on-set of a storm. Hastily pruning palms and trees in preparation of a storm can actually weaken the trees and make them more of a liability.

When contemplating how to prepare your property for a storm, whether an expected hurricane or a freak, out of season occurrence, the plan should involve a collaboration between the property and its staff as well as the landscape provider. Prior to the storm season ramping up, preferably 30 to 60 days, walk the community/property with the representative from your landscape company. Be sure to fully inspect the ingresses and egresses of the property. Are there any hazards that have the ability to impact the need for emergency personnel to get into the community/property or residents to get out? If the property butts up against another, are there any identifiable hazards that could impact yours? Are storm drains free of impediments, and if there are any berms, barriers, or ponds what steps can be taken to prevent erosion during and after the storm?

What emergency management plan does your landscape provider have for your property? Its own properties? How will escalation in emergency services be determined? Is it a first come, first serve basis? Do they have the necessary equipment to deal with downed trees or are they at the mercy of a subcontractor? All of these questions are designed to demonstrate why planning for the landscaping is as imperative as shuddering the windows and sand bagging the doors. At LMP, we have over 28 years experience in prepping for and recovering from storms and other emergencies. To learn more about how we do things professionally and proactively, call us at (877) LMP-PRO1.