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Earth Day

In early 1958, a scientist turned author by the name of Carson began to write a book focused on the usage of pesticides and their impact on the environment.  Shortly after the book “Silent Springs” was published in 1962, it sold over a half million copies in more than 20 countries, and its ideas were met with both acceptance and animosity.  Rachel Carson’s book, whether loved or loathed, continues to remain thought of as a catalyst for concerns and conversations regarding air and water pollution that remains salient 57 years later.  On April 22, 1970, more than 20 million Americans, at the urging of then US Senator Gaylord Nelson, took part in rallies to support demands for a sustainable environment free from pollution and the destruction of the wilderness as well as wildlife.

Since its birth in 1970, Earth Day has continued to make environmental issues a global concern.  This year’s campaign theme is “Protect Our Species”, and focuses on threatened and endangered species including bees, coral reefs, elephants and more.  To learn how you and your community or organization can join efforts in the “Protect Our Species” campaign visit the Earth Day website at Day.jpg