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Cutting Grass or Cultivating a Career?

In today’s backdrop of ever changing consumer demands for products and services where does one find a job that feeds their family that literally transcends into a career that feeds their soul? In this country we have moved through the Industrial Revolution in which we successfully changed how we did things to this latest trend in which we are changing what we do. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in its Occupational Outlook Handbook 2016 to 2017, predicts that the fastest growing occupations will run the gamut from Wind Turbine Service Technicians with a 108% growth rate between 2014 and 2024 to Optometrists with a projected 27% growth rate within the same time frame.  The growth projections for those involved in the landscape industry were a dismal 5%. 

Those of us at Landscape Maintenance Professionals, Inc. (LMP), who are passionate about the green industry, have to wonder if these statistics are a result of the fact that today’s work force candidates are unaware of the plentitude of careers that are available in our industry? At LMP we know that we do so much more than cut the grass, and we collectively sigh when we hear that misconception repeated by layman. Landscaping encompasses a plethora of skills from horticulture, chemical and electrical knowledge to financial and logistical skills, negotiating abilities, mechanical savviness, and a genuine passion for people – more so than plants. 

Can you imagine the skills required to logistically deploy more than 40 crew members throughout a 25-mile radius in a manner that emphasizes quality of service over quantity of jobs performed? Now add in ensuring that the appropriate equipment has been planned for, and that those crew members have skills in irrigation (electrical), pest control (chemical), and plant care (horticulture). How does one re-route based on weather conditions? Last minute requests by customers who have unexpected property inspections?

Who’s tracking these jobs to ensure profitability (job costing)? Who’s engaging with the clients to ensure satisfaction (customer service)? Who’s negotiating with suppliers on pricing (financial)? Who’s maintaining the fleet of vehicles and equipment (mechanical, logistical and financial)? Who’s responsible for creating concrete plans for clients who want to enhance or modify the current landscape materials (design and architecture)? Lastly, whose ensuring that the culture and perks are attracting and retaining the right candidates (human resources, financial and managerial)?

At LMP we employ over 250 individuals whose skills range from manual labor to strategic planning, financial management, marketing, human resources, horticultural, chemical, electrical, and general administration. As we continue to grow we are actively involved in engaging with candidates who are looking for a career path, and the opportunity to expand not only their knowledge and skills but those of their co-workers through knowledge sharing. If you are interested in learning more about the many opportunities available in the green industry and LMP specifically then please contact our Corporate Human Resource Manager – Jamie Vargas, at (813) 757-6500 or

Immediate Openings Across Florida:

·        Irrigation Technician

·        Small Engine Mechanic

·        Nursery Assistant

·        CDL Driver

·        Fertilization & Pesticide Spray Technician

·        General Maintenance Foreman

·        General Maintenance Labor


Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016). Occupational Outlook Handbook 2016-2107

Photo Credit: The Mindful Word