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Although Landscape Maintenance Professionals’ primary focus is providing superior quality landscape, irrigation, pest management and arbor care services to residential and commercial properties throughout the state of Florida, we, as individuals, find ourselves interested in a variety of topics from butterfly gardens to food deserts.  We utilize our social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and the LMPPRO blog to share with our audience the topics related to our industry as well as our passions.

We encourage you to follow us on any one of our social media platforms to learn more about us as a company, passionate professionals and as individuals.  We encourage our followers to share with us the topics they wish to learn more about, and we always enjoy when we have the opportunity to meet you at one of the many events we attend throughout the year.  If you want to learn more about us then check us out @



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If you have comments or suggestions, please contact LMP’s Corporate Marketing Manager – Kelly Ann Vickers, LCAM @ or (813) 267-7572.