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Two Spotted Spider Mite

Order: Acari – a subclass of small arachnids distinguished by an apparent lack of body divisions; generally mites and ticks.

Family: Tetranychidae.

Scientific Name: Tetranychus urticae (Koch).

Common Names: Two Spotted Spider Mite, Red Spider Mite, Glasshouse Spider Mite.

The Two Spotted Spider Mite is a general feeder that attacks a wide variety of plants including shade trees, shrubs and flowers.  The body of the mite is separated into two distinct parts – the gnathosoma (mouth, chelicerae, and palps) and the idiosoma (legs, genital area, and tactile and sensory structures).  They tend to be oval in shape, and may vary in color with a greenish-yellow or almost translucent color occurring most frequently.  The typical life span, depending on the climate, is typically twenty-five days from gestation to death, yet; within that sort time span the mite can do significant damage to landscape materials by sucking nutrients from the material and destroying cells.  Typical indications of the presence of mites include a fine web on the underside of the plant, graying or yellowing of the leaves, necrotic spots, and the withering or browning of petals (flowers) that resemble spray burn.

To learn more about the Two Spotted Spider Mite or to determine if you have an infestation contact LMP to discuss your concerns with one of our many Certified Pest Control Operators (CPCO).

Reference: UF/IFAS